Insula Lab
SISSA - Trieste, Italy
SISSA - Trieste, Italy
SISSA - Trieste, Italy
SISSA - Trieste, Italy

Raffaella Rumiati

Director of the iNSuLa Laboratory at SISSA. Raffaella Rumiati is Full Professor of Cognitive Nerusocience at SISSA. She graduated with a Master's degree in philosophy, with a psychology curriculum, and obtained a PhD in psychology from the University of Bologna, Italy, while doing her research towards the PhD thesis at the School of Psychology of Birmingham University, UK.

What is Neuroscience?

The term Neuroscience refers to the scientific study of the brain. The brain is an incredibly complex system, and there are many approaches to its investigation.


The objectives of the lab are to explore food processing and social information processing by using an integrative approach that brings together neurological, psychological and physiological models of the human brain within neuroscience.

Explore the unexplored (yet).

The iNSuLa Lab uses techniques from neuroscience to uncover mechanisms of food processing and social information processing in healthy human participants and patients with neurological, neurosurgical, neuropsychological, and developmental disorders. 

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