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SCoNe 2014

Social Cognitive Neuroscience is an emerging field with an interdisciplinary vision on human behavior in a social context. 

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SCoNe 2013

SCoNe School will be organized in two modules: Neuroscience of Social Information Processing (social judgment, empathy, stereotyping, prejudice, face perception and emotion), and Neuroscience of Reward (neurobehavioral mechanisms of appetitive motivation and reward, value-based decision making, and the rewarding value of social interaction).

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Brain Awareness Week 2016

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. Since many years, SISSA and the iNSuLa Lab provide their contribution. 

Do you want to join? Good idea!!! Click here to get the link to the whole program in Trieste and the info to register to our event. 



Interested in volunteering?

Please send an email to Raffaella ( with a brief description of your background, experience and interests. A member of the iNSuLa Lab (People tab) will then contact you to discuss the possibility to spend some time at the lab to gain research experience.