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Test for imitation of meaningful and meaningless gestures

This is a test for the assessment of ideomotor apraxia defined as a deficit in imitating gestures. The test is based on the cognitive models that propose the anatomo-functional distinction of the processes involved in action imitation (i.e., a semantic route for imitating known gestures, and a direct route for reproducing new, meaningless gestures). The test aims at identifying the imitative process that has been selectively impaired by brain damage, based on imitation of both the meaning of the gestures (i.e., known vs. new gestures) and the body segment involved in gesture execution (i.e., hand/limb vs. hand/fingers). 

Click here to watch the test. 

FRIDa database

The Foodcast Research Image Database (FRIDa) is a comprehensive collection of both food and nonfood items that can be used for non-commercial purposes. FRIDa has been validated and the results have been published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (Foroni, Pergola, Argiris, Rumiati, 2013).