Elisabetta Ambron

Elisabetta Ambron (Postdoc, 2nd postdoc at University of Pennsylvania, USA). 

Georgette Argiris

Position: PhD Student
Phone: (+39) 040 3787 604

Jenny Baumeister

Jenny Baumeister (co-supervisor Dr. Francesco Foroni) (Ph.D. March 2015)

Gareth Bland

Gareth Bland (Ph.D. March 2012, now postdc, MPI Frankfurt, Germany)

Joana Carmo

Joana Carmo (Ph.D. in 2010, now research fellow at the University of Lisbon, Portugal).

Cinzia Cecchetto


Position: PhD Student
Phone: (+39) 040 3787 606

Alessandro Cicerale

Alessandro Cicerale (co-supervisor prof. Flash, Weizmann, IL) (Ph.D. March 2013, now research fellow at the University of Turin, Italy).

Claudia Civai

Claudia Civai (Ph.D. Nov 2011, 1st postdoc at Minnesota University, 2nd postdoc at Donders Institute, The Netherlands). She was awarded the SISSA best thesis in neuroscience prize for 2011.

Corrado Corradi-Dell’Acqua

Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua (Ph.D. in 2007, postdoc at FSZ, Jülich, Germany, now assistant professor at Genève University, CH).

Luca De Simone

Luca De Simone (Ph.D. Nov 2015; postdoc at the University of Plymouth, UK).


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